Afghan Accordian Homayon Honar passed away in New Delhi

New Delhi: Homayon Honar a well known Afghan accordion passed away on 25 march 2013 at a Private Hospital in New Delhi struggling to live due to some diseases he had for the last few months. Honar was admitted to a reputed private hospital in the Capital of India days before for some internal diseases that he was suffering for the last few months. Unfortunately at the age of 33 he had to leave this world.
Homayon Honar Playing Accord
 His music and songs relaxed millions of souls in the country and abroad, his finger tips while playing accord had the magic to turn any one rocking. He was the best accordion in Afghanistan and among bests in the world.

I still remember the day when there was a concert back in Afghanistan in Kabul Serena Hotel where well know Afghan singer Zabiullah Jawanmard was singing in open space for thousands of followers, in the same concert Homayon Honar was playing accord. His finger tips at the concert turned the crowd rocking and brought peace to every ones soul.

The night before when I heard this sad news from a close friend of mine I was left speechless and could not believe to this tragic news. Music never dies and he is still in our heart and will remain forever. He may rest in peace.

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