Afghanistan vs Palestine, Palestine defeated Afghanistan 2-0

New Delhi :  Afghanistan failed to take over Palestine in first leg match of FIFA 2014 World Cup qualifier against Palestine, which lost 2 - 0 to Palestine.

Palestine's Murad Alyan booked the first goal at 28th minutes of the match for Palestine, which went on 1-0 in favor of Palestine till the end of first half. Afghanistan have played well and tried to recover and equal the first half, but aggressive Palestine never let them so.

Second Half started and Afghanistan were looking to equal and Palestine was looking forward to take on Afghanistan more and more, second half went on without any goal till the end when Ismail Amour booked second goal for Palestine on 89th Minute of the match and the match finished 2 - 0 in favor of Palestine.

Match Venue : Stadium Metallurg 1st District, Tursunzoda (Tajikistan )
Attendance : 9,400

Next leg match will be in Palestine on 3 July 2011, Let is see whether Afghanistan will take back on Palestine or Palestine will take the advantage of first victory on second match as well.